Crime And Public Safety (2024)

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June 12, 2024

Crime And Public Safety

Local NewsCrime And Public Safety

SFA to host active shooter training and drills

  • From Staff Reports
  • 0

Stephen F. Austin State University’s police department and its Emergency Management team will conduct Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training sessions June 3-7 at an unspecified location on the SFA campus.

Local NewsCrime And Public Safety

Police have suspect in hit-and-run that hurt child

  • By ANDREW HODGEStaff Writer
  • 0

Nacogdoches police have identified a suspect in the investigation into the hit-and-run involving a 9-year-old last week near Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary School.

Andrew Hodge

Local NewsCrime And Public Safety

Reward offered for information on driver who hit 9-year-old

  • By ANDREW HODGEStaff Writer
  • 0

Nacogdoches Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $1,000 reward for information on the driver who struck a 9-year-old near Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary School last week.

Andrew Hodge

Local NewsCrime And Public Safety

Former Mike Moses teacher released from jail in child injury case

  • By ANDREW HODGEStaff Writer
  • 0

A former teacher accused of injuring a student at Mike Moses Elementary School was free on bail Friday after being arrested Tuesday on a felony charge.

Andrew Hodge

Local NewsCrime And Public Safety

Probe of massage parlors leads to sex crimes arrests

  • By ANDREW HODGEStaff Writer
  • 0

A “lengthy” investigation into two massage establishments in Nacogdoches resulted in three arrests on charges of indecent assault and prostitution Thursday, according to a press release from Nacogdoches Police Department.

Andrew Hodge

Local NewsCrime And Public Safety

Nacogdoches man sentenced to 25 years in attack

  • From Staff Reports
  • 0

A Nacogdoches man was sentenced to decades in prison for breaking into his ex’s home and assaulting her with a bat in what was described as part of a “cycle of abuse” that lasted decades.


Local NewsCrime And Public Safety

More than 300 pounds promethazine seized

  • By JOSH EDWARDSManaging Editor
  • 0

A Tennessee man man accused of smuggling more than 300 pounds of a prescription medication used to make the street drug known as lean is free on bail after being arrested over the weekend.

Josh Edwards

Local NewsCrime And Public Safety

Nacogdoches man hospitalized after motorcycle crash in Redland

  • By STACY FAISONThe Lufkin Daily News
  • 0

LUFKIN — A Nacogdoches man was flown to a Houston area hospital after a motorcycle crash late Saturday on U.S. 59 north at the FM 2021 exit in Redland, according to a report from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Stacy Faison

Local NewsCrime And Public Safety

Timpson man charged with stealing cattle from elderly employer

  • From Staff Reports
  • 0

A Timpson man is free on bail after being indicted on charges of stealing cattle from his elderly employer, the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association announced this week.

Local NewsCrime And Public Safety

Fatal fire in Kingtown under investigation

  • From Staff Reports
  • 0

A fire that took the life of a Nacogdoches County woman Thursday remains under investigation this week by the county sheriff’s office and State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Local NewsCrime And Public Safety

Man charged with capital murder in 2023 double homicide

  • From Staff Reports
  • 0

A Nacogdoches man accused of killing his girlfriend and her mother in October has been charged with capital murder.

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Crime And Public Safety (2024)


Why is crime and public safety important? ›

Everyone deserves to be safe where they live. Protecting the right of every individual to be free of crime and violence—regardless of race, wealth, health, ability, or background—is one of the most important responsibilities of government and community leaders and is essential to fostering thriving communities.

What happens if you give false information to the police? ›

Punishment for Giving False Information

Giving false information to a peace officer is a misdemeanor and could result in up to six months in county jail and a fine up to $1,000. You could face additional charges if you were also evading arrest.

What is the hard on crime policy? ›

Tough-on-crime laws attempt to solve crime by stigmatizing people who commit crimes rather than addressing the root causes, driving mass incarceration and disrupting families and communities while heavily impacting people of color, said Shari Stone-Mediatore, the cofounder of advocacy group Parole Illinois and a ...

What does reasonable articulable suspicion mean? ›

The hallmark of RAS is its reliance on specific, articulable facts. This means that officers must be able to point to concrete details, circ*mstances, or evidence that gave rise to their suspicion.

Why is it important to be safe in public? ›

When individuals feel safe in their neighborhoods and public spaces, they are more likely to engage in social and economic activities, leading to community development and prosperity. Public safety serves as a deterrent to crime and a safeguard against threats to public health and safety.

What is the role of public safety? ›

Public safety officers patrol their designated areas and provide emergency services and response to protect citizens and property from hazards such as crimes, fires, and natural disasters. They may interrogate and apprehend suspects, provide first aid, and participate in emergency drills and demonstrations.

What is the hardest crime to defend? ›

However, these 3 crimes tend to be difficult to defend:
  • Crimes against minors.
  • Homicide.
  • White collar crimes such as embezzlement.
Mar 28, 2024

What crime is the hardest to solve? ›

Burglary is probably the most difficult to solve because its perpetrators do not have a motive that makes the victim's identity relevant. In most cases, they will elect to steal from an unoccupied home or dwelling, which may leave few, if any, witnesses.

What are the four core crimes? ›

During the 2005 United Nations World Summit, heads of state and government accepted the responsibility of every state to protect its population from four crimes: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing.

How to tell if you're being set up by police? ›

One of the first signs that you may be under criminal investigation is experiencing unusual or unexpected contact with law enforcement. This could include being pulled over for minor traffic violations more frequently than usual or receiving unsolicited visits from police officers at your residence or workplace.

What are examples of reasonable suspicion? ›

For example, if the police are performing a traffic stop and a person is acting in a way that raises the suspicion of the police, this could be interpreted as reasonable suspicion. Depending on the jurisdiction, the police officer can briefly detain and question that citizen.

What are examples of probable causes? ›

For example, an officer might notice an open contain of alcohol in a car after pulling the driver over for driving erratically. At this point, the officer would have probable cause to begin a DUI investigation. Without further evidence, the officer cannot legally investigate.

Why is crime important in society? ›

Classic sociologist Emile Durkheim theorizes that crime exists in all societies because it reaffirms moral boundaries and at times facilitates needed social changes, while former U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan believes that Durkheim's views omit the possibility of too much crime, especially violent crime, so that ...

Why is it important to be aware of crime? ›

Awareness is required before applying any personal safety or self-defense tactics, techniques, and procedures. There are no absolute or foolproof techniques and security hardware that can guarantee personal safety and security.

Why is safety and security important in community? ›

Safety and security in local communities are crucial for development, as they contribute to stability, social cohesion, and the overall well-being of residents. Safety and security in local communities are crucial for development as they create an environment conducive to economic and social activities.

Why are public order crimes important? ›

The goal of public order crimes is to keep people from disrupting smooth social operation and peace. Lawmakers have determined that certain behaviors are harmful and detrimental to the good of society, making those behaviors worthy of being restricted.


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