PlayStation Plus free games: here are the PS Plus games for June 2024 (2024)

PlayStation Plus free games: here are the PS Plus games for June 2024 (1)

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PlayStation Plus free games change at the start of every month, and coming in at no extra cost to PS Plus members, these free games are a great way to expand your library on the cheap or pick up and try games that you might not have thought about initially.

More often than not, you'll have three games to try out with each month's drop - which covers both PS5 and PS4 (so you're still set if you haven't jumped into the latest generation yet) - though sometimes we see some curveballs in the form of one or two fewer or more games. And we're also likely to see more PSVR games be thrown into the PS Plus free game mixer too.

If you are a subscriber and don't make the most of the free games on offer from month to month, it's worth making it a habit to start claiming them when you can since they'll always be available to you as long as your subscription is live. Since the best PS5 games can set you back a pretty penny, this is a great way to make the most of your console without having to fork out new releases every month.

The line-up for June 2024 includes a colorful platformer based around a famous cartoon character, a wrestling fan's dream game, and a retro revival title - read on to see the full lineup.

PlayStation Plus free games: June 2024

Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake (PS5, PS4)
Showing demonstrable love and affection for the TV series and character, Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake is superb platformer game that's great for younger gamers or for fans of the franchise. It's got some fun level design, seven worlds to explore, and some fun banter with Patrick along the way.

AEW Fight Forever (PS5, PS4)
Offering a robust and enjoyably arcade-wrestling experience, combined with All Elite Wrestling's array of unique finishers and moves, this is a gem of a game for wrestling fans. It's also the first-ever officially-licensed All Elite Wrestling game, and it offers 10 modes to explore and have fun in so there's plenty on offer.

Streets of Rage 4 (PS4)
The retro beat-'em-up series comes to the modern console generation with the franchises fourth game. Offering breathless action and gameplay, a wonderfully distinct hand-drawn art style, a banging soundtrack, an da host of new abilities, animations, and characters, this will please new and returning fans alike.

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PlayStation Plus free games: 2024

PlayStation Plus free games: April 2024

EA Sports FC 2024 (PS5, PS4)
The latest iteration of the world's biggest soccer game, and the greatest way to play the beautiful game on PlayStation, is now at your fingertips and free with PS Plus!

Ghostrunner 2 (PS5)
This fast-paced, slick-as-heck action game will have you sweating, but it's lightning-quick combat will see you gleefully hacking and slashing your way through enemies while traversing a cyberpunk world at rapid speed.

Tunic (PS5, PS4)
If you've ever thought soulslike games need to be more animated, stylish, and contain more cute foxes then Tunic is for you! This action-adventure game features tough bosses, ancient powers, and ferocious monsters in a ruined fantasy world.

Destiny 2: Lightfall (PS5, PS4)
You'll need the main base game to play this expansion but it's a great offering if you've been considering jumping back in since the base game was released. An adventure and fight against theCalus and Shadow Legion awaits should you wish to re-enter Destiny 2 and all its guns and glory.

PlayStation Plus free games: April 2024

PlayStation Plus free games: here are the PS Plus games for June 2024 (2)

Immortals of Aveum (PS5)
This single-player first-person magic shooter tells the story of Jak as he joins an elite order of battlemages to save a world on the edge of an abyss. Magic is at the core of both your offense and defence. Experience fast, fluid, first-person spell-based combat. Unlock and upgrade more than 25 Spells and 80 Talents. Discover, upgrade and craft hundreds of pieces of magical gear, refine your playstyle across three forces of magic and become Aveum’s most powerful Triarch Magnus.

Minecraft Legends (PS5, PS4)
Discover the mysteries of Minecraft Legends. In this action strategy game. Explore a gentle land of rich resources and lush biomes on the brink of destruction. The ravaging piglins have arrived, and it’s up to you to form alliances with new friends and familiar mobs, then lead the charge in epic battles against the fierce piglins to defend the Overworld. You can challenge your friends or team up in intense battles in online play for up to eight players, asyou defend your village while leading your units to destroy your opponents’ settlements.

Skul: The Hero Slayer (PS4)
An attack on the Demon King’s castle by a heroic band of adventurers has seen all but one of its denizens captured and imprisoned. Now, as a lowly skeleton Skul, you must save your demonic brethren. This 2D action platformer boasts rogue-like features, with an ever-changing map and a growing arsenal of abilities, each with its own unique attack range, speed and power. Equip two types at a time to fit your play style, and switch out during combat to find the best strategy to defeat your foes.

PlayStation Plus free games: March 2024

PlayStation Plus free games: here are the PS Plus games for June 2024 (3)

Sifu (PS4, PS5)
In this stylish yet gritty beat-em-up, you will focus on visceral hand-to-hand combat in a bustling urban setting. As a kung fu student on a path of revenge after the murder of your family, you have to face countless enemies and rely on a unique mastery of kung fu to preserve your families legacy.

Hello Neighbor 2 (PS4, PS5)
After a few kids go missing in the rural town of Raven Brooks, it becomes your job to uncover the mysteries of what happened in this family-friendly steal horror game. You play an investigative journalist on the hunt to uncover the darkest secrets of your neighbors and solve the case of Mr Peterson, and fortunately, the whole town is your playground.

EA Sports F1 23 (PS4, PS5)
This Formula One themed title offers a thrilling new chapter in the Braking Point story mode alongside its traditional racing gameplay. Within this game, you'll be able to create your own dream team and race to win in either split-screen on cross platform multiplayer. Essentially, you've got to race to be the very best.

Destiny 2: Witch Queen (PS4, PS5)
You'll be challenged to delve into Savathûn’s Throne World and tasked to uncover the mystery of how her Lucent Hive stole the Light. You'll be tasked with crafting new weapons and surviving the truth within her web of lies. For fans of combat heavy titles, this is a must-play.

PlayStation Plus free games: February 2024

PlayStation Plus free games: here are the PS Plus games for June 2024 (4)

Foamstars (PS4, PS5)

This vibrant 4v4 party shooter is full of fun, putting your skills to the test in frantic online battles to see which team can douse the terrain in foam. As you work through a variety of game modes, your use of foam will alter the environment. Because of this, you'll need to tactically work together to be victorious.

Rollerdrome (PS4, PS5)

This third person shooter gears you up for visceral combat and fluid motion set in an evocative retrofuture. As a shooter-skater hybrid, you'll have to land shots while nailing tricks and taking down your enemies to come out on top and become champion.

Steelrising (PS5)

Set in an alternate history Paris, this action RPG will challenge you to fight and explore through the streets, neighbourhoods, rooftops, and castles as a mysterious automation masterpiece. Ruthless yet enthralling combat keeps you on your toes, and the complexity of technological marvels are bound to make this experience unforgettable.

PlayStation Plus free games: January 2024

PlayStation Plus free games: here are the PS Plus games for June 2024 (5)

A Plague Tale: Requiem (PS5)

Throughout this bleak tale of perseverance at a time of despair, you'll take on the role of a young boy named Hugo. In an attempt to start a new life and control the curse Hugo has been burdened with, you'll explore far south and discover new homelands, but when his powers reawaken you'll have to prepare to flee once more.

Evil West (PS4, PS5)

Evil West puts you into the shoes of one of the last agents in a top secret vampire-hunting institute as a real terror emerges from the shadows. Armed with an arsenal of weapons, you'll have to take down bloodthirsty monstrosities throughout a narrative-driven campaign.

Nobody Saves the World (PS4, PS5)

Nobody Saves the Word offers a new take on action RPGs, challenging you to complete a set of quests in creative ways. You'll be armed with abilities to mix and match to help come up with new routes to solve puzzles, all while saving the world.

PlayStation Plus free games - Subscription prices

In order to get every batch of PlayStation Plus free games you'll need to have an active PS Plus subscription. This can be an Essential (the basic level), the mid-tier Extra subscription, or the top-end Premium subscription, as all will get you the monthly free games. If you're keen to jump in or want to check the latest prices for adding to your existing subscription of want to upgrade, then we've got the latest and lowest prices below.

PlayStation Plus free games - FAQs

Are there free games on PS Plus?

Yes! As we've stated here on our dedicated PlayStation Plus free games page, each month a handful of games are available to PS Plus members and, as long as your subscription is live and active, then they are yours to keep and play!

Can I play free PS Plus games without a subscription?

Sadly, no, PlayStation Plus free games are only available to run and play for those with an active subscription. That means that if you acquired some games one month when your sub was active, but then let it lapse, those games would become unavailable.

PlayStation Plus free games: here are the PS Plus games for June 2024 (6)

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PlayStation Plus free games: here are the PS Plus games for June 2024 (2024)


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