Spider-Man's Greatest Secret Weapons, Ranked (2024)

Peter Parker recently added a few new weapons and gadgets to his arsenal as Spider-Man. After he took a job with Norman Osborn, Spider-Man accepted a brand new suit with repurposed Goblin technology that featured a few hidden weapons to surprise his long-time enemies. Of course, these weren’t the only tricks he kept hidden up his sleeves over the years.

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Spider-Man has relied on a few secret weapons that have helped keep him alive and keep his city and loved ones safe. While Spider-Man’s webbing is his most useful weapon, it isn’t exactly a secret. However, Peter Parker’s spider-tracers are one of his most useful hidden tools. Miles Morales even has his own secret weapons to take on his own powerful enemies.

10 Genius-Level Intellect

Spider-Man's Greatest Secret Weapons, Ranked (1)

Peter Parker gained incredible powers and abilities after a radioactive spider bit him. However, his crimefighting career as Spider-Man wouldn’t have been as successful if he relied only on his powerful spider abilities. One of Spider-Man’s greatest secret weapons is his genius-level intellect and inventive mind.

Peter Parker created both the chemical formula and the mechanical devices to fire his incredible webbing. He has disarmed advanced bombs, rewritten computer code on the fly, and collaborated with some of Marvel's smartest tech-based heroes to save the day on more than one occasion.

9 Spider-Tracers

Spider-Man's Greatest Secret Weapons, Ranked (2)

One of Peter Parker’s earliest inventions as Spider-Man helped him keep track of villains if they escaped his webs. He initially created micro-dot tracers that worked with a separate tracking device, though he soon upgraded his tech.

Spider-Man created an advanced new spider-tracer that could attach to his enemies without them knowing. The spider tracers were also attuned to his spider-sense, which allowed him to track down his targets without any extra accessories. He’s continued to improve his spider-tracers over the years, which he’s also managed to mostly keep secret from his enemies.

8 Miles Morales' "Venom Blast"

Spider-Man's Greatest Secret Weapons, Ranked (3)

Peter Parker isn’t the only character who currently calls himself Spider-Man. Miles Morales also took on the role after he moved from the Ultimate reality to the mainstream 616 universe. Morales also has his own deadly secret weapon he uses as Spider-Man. The genetically-altered spider that bit Morales gave him slightly different powers than Peter Parker.

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Miles Morales gained not only the ability to camouflage himself and work stealthily, but he also developed a devastating offensive bio-electric sting. He secretly calls it his “venom blast,” and it is powerful enough to stop some opponents dead in their tracks when he pulls it out of hiding.

7 Stingers

Spider-Man's Greatest Secret Weapons, Ranked (4)

Spider-Man and his clone Kaine Parker both developed a surprising new ability during their time as hosts for the totemic being known as The Other. At extreme moments of danger, Peter Parker shocked himself when retractable stingers popped out of his wrists.

The stingers gave Peter Parker a deadly offensive weapon that helped even the odds against some of Spider-Man's most iconic villains. They were covered in a paralytic venom that paralyzed his opponents, further increasing his edge. Kaine Parker developed his own stingers as Scarlet Spider, though the Other's influence grew even further and he mutated into a dangerous spider form.

6 Peter Parker's Loved Ones

Spider-Man's Greatest Secret Weapons, Ranked (5)

Without a doubt, Spider-Man’s greatest weapon is the memories of his loved ones and the lessons he’s learned from them over the years. While they obviously have had an impact on the man he has become, Spider-Man has been able to weaponize them in a way as well.

During moments when Spider-Man fought an inward struggle against enemies like the alien symbiote, he called upon the memories of his loved ones to strengthen his resolve. When trapped under seemingly immovable rubble, Spider-Man's closest friends and loved ones inspired him to push himself and keep fighting, making him a nearly unbeatable hero.

5 Spider-Signal

Spider-Man's Greatest Secret Weapons, Ranked (6)

One of Spider-Man's earliest inventions has continued to surprise his opponents for decades. Peter Parker created a special spider-signal that he equipped to the utility belt he wore under his costume. The bright light flashed a replica of his mask, though not into the night sky like Batman's bat-signal in Gotham City.

Spider-Man used his spider-signal to catch criminals in the act. He preferred to give up the element of surprise to dazzle and surprise them with his spider signal. It also served as a hidden secret weapon in battle in case he needed something to temporarily distract or stun a powerful enemy.

4 Physical Restraint

Spider-Man's Greatest Secret Weapons, Ranked (7)

Spider-Man's super-strength is one of the hero's greatest advantages when facing some of Marvel's most dangerous villains. It's not something he's able to keep secret, however, there is something most of his villains don't know about the web-slinger. Spider-Man pulls his punches in almost every fight.

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Peter Parker's strong morals won't allow him to use the strength at his disposal for fear of fatally injuring his enemies. This means that he has reserves of strength to pull from when he needs it, which has surprised his enemies many times over the years. Even Doctor Octopus was shocked by his incredible strength as Superior Spider-Man when he punched Scorpion's jaw clean off.

3 Human Torch

Spider-Man's Greatest Secret Weapons, Ranked (8)

While Johnny Storm is better known as one of the most powerful members of the Fantastic Four, he's also Spider-Man's best friend. Peter Parker may call on the memories of his loved ones when he needs a personal boost, but he can call on the Human Torch when he needs some serious firepower.

While they don't exactly keep their friendship secret, villains are never expecting solo acts like Spider-Man to arrive with superpowered backup. Human Torch has stood by Spider-Man even when the rest of the city had turned against him, making him one of the web-slinger's greatest and most reliable secret weapons.

2 Miles Morales' Camouflage

Spider-Man's Greatest Secret Weapons, Ranked (9)

Miles Morales gained quite a few of Peter Parker's amazing spider powers after Oscorp's genetically-engineered spider bit him. His Venom Blast is his most offensively powerful secret weapon, but it's not the only trick he has up his sleeve.

Morales developed the ability to camouflage himself into his surroundings, nearly rendering him invisible. He discovered the ability as a defense mechanism but soon learned how to incorporate it as a stealth option in his crimefighting. Nothing is more surprising to Spider-Man's villains than getting punched in the face with an invisible fist.

1 Spider-Sense

Spider-Man's Greatest Secret Weapons, Ranked (10)

While it isn’t a weapon in the conventional sense, there’s no denying that Spider-Man’s spider-sense is one of his greatest secret advantages. Peter Parker and other versions of the character from the Spider-Verse have a unique ability to sense danger before it occurs.

Spider-Man’s omnidirectional spider-sense warns him of danger, which his advanced spider reflexes and powers can then use to escape the threat. Spider-Man’s spider-sense allows him to dodge bullets and incoming attacks, though he can also use it to disarm bombs and weaponry by sensing which move would put him in more or less danger.


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Spider-Man's Greatest Secret Weapons, Ranked (2024)


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