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Key stats

3.8Overall rating

4.1City rating

3.0Halls rating

4.2Course rating


CUG rankingSource: Complete University Guide 2024


Undergraduate studentsSource: HESA, 2021 (note: only applies to undergraduate records)


The University of West London (UWL) is situated in the historic London borough of Ealing, a leafy enclave to the west of the city. UWL is known as the 'career university’, a fitting accolade adopted by the university which recognises UWL’s excellent professional teaching standards and high graduate employment rates.

UWL offers specialist courses based on the experience and knowledge of its staff. The university specialises in delivering academic courses which link directly to in-demand occupations and promising career paths in modern, rapidly developing, and globalised employment markets. Skills-based courses at UWL are the perfect launchpad for students who are looking to embark on an impactful and fulfilling career. Offering students access to invaluable work experience opportunities and placements as part of many undergraduate degrees, it ensures that students have a smooth and confident transition to the working world upon graduation.

UWL has two sites in Ealing and Brentford, which are connected to each other by a free and regular 10-minute shuttle bus. There is also the Berkshire Institute for Health at Fountain House, which is locatedin Reading town centre. Each of UWL’s campuses have an excellent range of modern, state-of-the-art academic facilities.

With nine academic schools and colleges operating across a broad range of subject areas, UWL provides students who study at the university with an innovative educational experience which prioritises career success in both academia and industry.

Courses and lecturers

4.2Course rating

4.1Course content rating

3.7Lecturers and Teaching quality rating

The University of West London delivers its courses through eleven academic schools and colleges. These are:

  • The Claude Littner Business School
  • College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare
  • Drama Studio London
  • London College of Music
  • London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism
  • London School of Film, Media and Design
  • School of Biomedical Sciences
  • School of Computing and Engineering
  • School of Human and Social Sciences
  • School of Law
  • Institute for Policing Studies (IPS)

UWL’s schools and colleges operate predominantly across the university’s two main campuses in Ealing and Brentford. Students studying midwifery and nursing courses are mainly based at the Berkshire Institute for Health at Fountain House in Reading.

Students can choose from a selection of over 110 different undergraduate courses at UWL. This wide array of undergraduate courses is taught by learned and passionate staff with extensive experience in academic and professional settings. With small class sizes and modern studios and labs, especially designed for cutting-edge education, students are well-prepared for specialist careers upon their graduation from UWL.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements for undergraduate courses at the University of West London vary on a course-by-course basis. All prospective students are encouraged to consult individual course pages for full details of entry requirements for specific courses and entry pathways.

UWL is committed to a fair and equitable application process that is inclusive of applicants from all backgrounds, lifestyles, and identities.The helpful UWL admissions team is on hand throughout the application process to offer advice and guidance to all prospective undergraduate students. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the admissions team if they have any questions pertaining to entry requirements and the broader application process.

Entry requirements are primarily academic in nature and are usually based on A-level achievements. However, other factors may be considered alongside academic achievement as part of the admissions process, such as extracurricular activities, relevant work experience and alternative qualifications. The university considers each application on an individual basis.


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Accommodation & facilities

  • Accommodation
  • Facilities

3.0Halls rating

3.8Facilities rating


The university knows that accommodation is key to the university experience and, that students want to love where they live. The university works towards high standards for assured accommodation and will support students in finding suitable and safe accommodation.

It offers a range of options, including university-managed shared flats and houses and off-campus accommodation. They can also help students find privately rented accommodation, matching them with a group of other house-hunting students and helping them move into your home together.

UWL have put together resources to make sure that where students are renting is safe. The university uses its strong links with local providers to help students feel safe in the knowledge that their home has their stamp of approval.

All student accommodation comes equipped with a range of social and recreational facilities.

The Collective Old Oak, Chapter Ealing and Chapter White City are located in Acton with quick access to Ealing Broadway station and the UWL shuttle bus. Canvas Wembley, Pavilion Court, Scape Wembley and Sterling Court Wembley are well connected by bus routes and the London underground. The Cube Ealing, meanwhile, is just a short walk away from the St Mary's Road campus.


The university has recently invested £150 million into its learning and social environments.

At UWL, there are a range of simulation centres including hospital and flight environments, research centres, technology suites, performance spaces, laboratories and studios. There is also the modern Paul Hamlyn Library, which is open 24/7 during term time and offers quiet zones, comfortable breakout areas and three IT suites.

The UWL Sports and Fitness Centre includes two gym spaces and two fitness studios for students to use.

Student reviews

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SRStudent ReviewerReviewed 18 Jul 23Composition for Film and Television MMusIt is a good university with a modern academic staff, which is quite adequate for the department I...READ FULL REVIEW

DDestinyReviewed 24 Mar 22Professional Acting BA (Hons)What makes my uni a great place to study is their student support. They try to help their students in any way possible to ensure that students get the best out of their education. I think it would be better if the university put more effort into societies and clubs such as sporting clubs and teams...READ FULL REVIEW

Student support

3.8Student support rating

The University of West London offers a range of services to ensure the academic success and personal development of all its students. UWL is committed to ensuring students find the support and encouragement needed to maximise their potential during their time at the university.

At UWL, there are dedicated academic advisors who provide one-on-one guidance to students around academic issues such as time and stress management. Study planning sessions are offered to help students make the most out of their studies.

The university also offers a range of pastoral and welfare support, providing a safe and welcoming environment for students where discussion, advice and direct support can be provided around personal issues. Comprehensive student support is offered to all students on issues such as finance, disability, careers, funding, money management, housing, mental health, and volunteering.

UWL provides a free and confidential counselling service accessible to all students. Moreover, support is offered to students who are experiencing health-related concerns or issues, and the university can also help with referrals to external healthcare services.

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Academic strengths

Courses at the University of West London are designed with students’ future careers in mind. Study at UWL is constructed around ensuring students gain the skills and experience necessary to excel in both academia and industry. The university is nationally recognised for employability, living up to its billing as the 'career university’. An impressive 98% of UWL graduates are in work or further study within six months of graduating (HESA Employment Indicator, 2018).

Courses and facilities at UWL take students beyond the classroom and into the real world of work. The university focuses on developing the qualities and expertise that employers are looking for.Students are taught by experienced industry experts and have opportunities to undertake work placements.

The university’s strong reputation for high-quality education, which is closely linked to employment, means that UWL graduates go on to achieve great success in their chosen disciplines and professions. UWL was recently ranked as the best modern London university (non-specialist)in the most recentComplete University Guide, 2024. The university was also ranked by students as the number one London university (non-specialist) in the recent National Student Survey, 2023.

Student life

  • Students' Union
  • Clubs and Societies
  • City life

4.0Student life rating

4.5Location rating

3.6Student union rating

Students' Union

The UWL Students’ Union (SU) is dedicated to the wellbeing and success of students throughout their studies. The SU maintains a range of support and social services to ensure that every student has the best UWL experience possible.

Clubs and Societies

At the University of West London, there are over 30 different clubs and societies for students to join. From societies that cater to career interests or general hobbies to sports clubs, there are tons of amazing opportunities to get involved in.

City life

Students based at the university’s west London location have access to a range of beautiful green spaces in a friendly local community, with the hustle and bustle of central London just a few stops away on the tube. After a hard day’s studying, students can head into central London to explore the capital’s art, culture, and culinary delights.

Students in Reading can enjoy a variety of shops, bars, and clubs – minus the London price tag. There is always something to do, usually within walking distance of the campus, and London is easily reachable by train.

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Job prospects

3.8Career prospects rating

Students at the University of West London benefit from the university’s connections to industry leaders, creative talent, and local and global businesses. There are plenty of opportunities to gain valuable work experience and internships while studying at UWL. While studying in London, students at UWL also benefit from being based in a major international hub of business, finance, technology, and culture.

The university’s expert careers service is available to all UWL students. It offers help and guidance to UWL graduates as they pursue professional careers. From work placements to CV writing workshops, employment fairs to mentoring schemes, UWL ensures that all students are prepared for future career success.

UWL enjoys an extremely high graduate employment rate of 98% and is the top university in London for employability (Higher Education Statistics Agency 2018). Graduates from UWL have found employment at a variety of top businesses and professional organisations, including IBM, Google, and Microsoft.

Scholarships and funding

  • Scholarships/ Bursaries
  • Fees

Scholarships/ Bursaries

The university offers several undergraduate scholarships, all designed to help students fund their studies whilst at UWL. There are school-specificscholarships and bursariesavailable. Students can visit the UWL scholarships pagefor full details on funding opportunities, including eligibility criteria and other conditions prior to making an application.

Full-time undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the full-time Undergraduate Bursary Award. The awards are valued at £3,000, paid over three years.


The University of West London places a firm focus on value for money and, as a result, ensures that it offers unbeatable value on educational quality, graduate prospects, and student experience. Tuition fees are competitively set and represent excellent value.

For up-to-date information on fees for undergraduate courses, prospective students should consult individual UWL course pages.

Tuition fees are payable in several ways, including in full at the beginning of the course itself or across regular payments during the academic year. Any queries or questions regarding tuition fees can be directed to the university’s Student Finance Centre. Otherwise, applicants can consult the university’s tuition fees policy for further details, terms, and conditions.

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Open days

There are currently no undergraduate open days available to book at this university.
Take a look at open days at unis across the UK.

University of West London Course and Ranking Information (2024)


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