Alexander McQueen Shoes Fake vs. Real Guide (Legit Check & Price) - CopEmLegit (2024)

Alexander McQueen Shoes Fake vs. Real Guide (Legit Check & Price) - CopEmLegit (1)

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Fashion lovers adore Alexander McQueen shoes for their unique design. The blend of tradition and subversion in every pair makes this brand stand out. Unfortunately, due to their high price, many counterfeits are being sold. This article will guide you to identify the authentic Alexander McQueen shoes and avoid the fake ones. Let’s jump right into it.

Alexander McQueen Shoes Fake vs Real Guide (How to Spot a Fake Alexander McQueen Shoes)

The Box
First of all, the box can tell you whether you are about to purchase a fake product or not. For example, Alexander McQueen products come in a box with the logo at the front and center. The boxes of authentic pairs are mostly matte in color and have a large logo with letters approximately 1.3 cm apart. Fake pairs, however, will have the logo letters a bit small and too close to each other. Also, the matte color on the boxes of counterfeit pairs is usually a little shiny.

The midsole stitching
Another easy way to check for the authenticity of a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes is the stitching. A legit pair of sneakers has a distinct bump on the heel, and the rubber sole has a noticeable design—the texture of the shoe’s sole changes from smooth to grainy along the stitching lines. If you observe closely, the stitching ends right where the texture changes. This small detail can be missed easily but shows the care and attention put into manufacturing an original pair of Alexander McQueen sneakers. A counterfeit pair usually has a straighter heel, and the stitching on the sole continues where the texture changes.

Tags and Labels
Next, check the labels and tags. Authentic shoes have labels, tags, and instructions written in English. Although not all, most Alexander McQueen products are made in Italy and come with a “Made in Italy” label. Fake shoes usually come with other non-English characters and might have a “Made in China” tag.

The heel
Another detail to confirm you’re getting an original pair is to inspect the heel closely. If you observe an authentic Alexander McQueen sneaker, you will notice a straight-line shape at the top of the heel tab. Also, the heel tab is more oversized, and the heel area is more expansive than a fake pair. In addition, an authentic pair would have a bold, bright logo with small letter spacing on the heel.

On the contrary, a fake pair usually has a softer, rounder shape at the top of the heel tab and a smaller, dull logo with bigger letter spacing on the heel. The width of the heel area is slightly narrower, and the heel tab is usually smaller than an authentic pair.

The inner tongue print
There are a couple of things to notice if you closely examine the inner tongue of the shoe. First, observing the shade of the print on the tongue, you’d realize the original pair of Alexander McQueen sneakers has a bold shade with the original Times New Roman font. The placement of the print is further down the tongue.

On the other hand, the counterfeit pair has a lighter shade of print on the tongue and a different font. The print placement is also closer to the tongue’s edge than an original pair.

The outer tongue
Checking the logo on the tongue of a pair carefully will determine if you’re purchasing a real pair or an imitation.

To verify the logo, remember that the Times New Roman font has a brighter, golden color. The letters and spacing are smaller compared to a fake pair. Also, the logo is placed right in the middle of the outer tongue and takes less space. Additionally, the stitching of the outer tongue of an original pair is placed closer to the edge of the tongue, and the space surrounding it is smaller than a counterfeit pair.

The opposite is the case with a counterfeit pair. The logo’s font is generally lighter, with more giant letters and spacing. The fake logo is more prominent and placed differently than in the middle of the tongue. The stitching around the outer tongue is a bit further away from the edge, and the space surrounding it is more significant.

The outsole and backside
The outsole and backside are the final ways to check a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes. First, check for the authentic logo on both the outsole and backside. The original pair has a slightly smaller logo than a fake pair on the outsole and a bold and brighter logo with smaller letters and spacing on the backside. Also, although difficult to spot, if you look closely, the rubber sole of an original pair is less bulky.

For a fake pair, the logo on the outsole might be slightly more prominent, and the logo on the backside has lighter font and more giant letters and spacing. The rubber sole is usually bulkier compared to an authentic one.

Alexander McQueen Shoes Price & Cost (Are Alexander McQueen Shoes expensive?)

Alexander McQueen shoes are one of the most expensive footwear on the market. However, they are pricey due to their quality, comfort, and innovative design, hence popular among celebrities and people of high profile.

New men’s shoes range anywhere from $1100 to $255. The popular oversized sneakers for men cost around $340 to $700. New Alexander McQueen shoes for women cost around $1,012 for buckle ankle boots to $255 for logo detail slide sandals. Oversized sneakers for women are priced around $447 to $600.

Where to Buy Authentic Alexander McQueen Shoes? (New & Used Alexander McQueen Shoes for Sale)

Purchase from trusted and reputable sellers. Look for red flags such as severely discounted products and too little, unnecessary, or wrong product information. Also, remember to ask for a receipt for authentication before purchasing if you’re shopping online. Here are a few genuine sellers you can buy from:

Legit Alexander McQueen Shoes eBay Sellers

Seller NameeBay Store NameStore Link
onlineshopingmallonlineshopingmallVisit store »
mamon7538mamon7538Visit store »
cravingszcravingszVisit store »

Legit Alexander McQueen Shoes Resellers / Stockists

Website NameDescription
alexandermcqueen.comBuy authentic ultra-modern Alexander McQueen at the best price.
farfetch.comExplore our new season Alexander McQueen Shoes today. Shop online on FARFETCH and enjoy climate conscious ✈ delivery and free returns.
mytheresa.comAlexander McQUEEN is our go-to brand for clothing, shoes, and accessories that are equal parts elegant and edgy. Shop online at Mytherea - Fast delivery.

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Alexander McQueen Shoes Fake vs. Real Guide (Legit Check & Price) - CopEmLegit (2024)


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