Real vs Fake: Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers (2024)

With Alexander McQueen being one of the most popular choices of designershoes, particularly with the Oversized style. A question we hear most often is how to spot the difference between a fake and an authenticAlexander McQueen Oversized sneaker, as people are wary about buying from online marketplaces such as DePop or eBay, in case what they do purchase turns out not to beauthentic. As with fakes being so good these days, it's often difficult to tell the difference.

To help, we've put together the following guide on the things you should look out for, and show the often subtle differences between a genuine and fake pair ofAlexander McQueen's.

Step1. Inspect The Box

Firstly, before opening the box you'll be able to see that the box of the fake pair is slightly smaller in size than the original box.

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Also it's a lot darker in colour, with the genuine box displaying a much brighter,whither tone.

Step2. The Underside Of Box Lid

Secondly, removing the box lid and inspecting the underside you're likely to find one of two things. Firstly, either the lid is all one colour or you'll see two contrasting colours in the form of the film and underside of the lid; which in this case would be considered as the fake product.

This becomes much more obvious using a side by side comparison, as shown below.

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Step 3. Top Of The Box Lid

As we've already highlighted, there aresome obvious signs to look out for just from inspecting the shoe box itself. This time we're referring to the top of the box lid, and more specifically the texture of the embossed lettering.

This one can be difficult to spot depending on whether you have a side by side comparison that could be made, as we have here. However, albeit asubtle difference you'll find that the embossing of the 'Alexander McQueen' logo lettering is higher on the authentic box than it is on the fake box; of which is much flatter to the touch.

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Step 4. Inspecting The Dust Bag


Moving onto the dust bags this time; again making a side by side comparison, you're likely to see that the authentic one is larger in length than the fake. With the genuine one taking more of a rectangular shape and the fake taking up more of a square shape.

Real vs Fake: Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers (4)


Additionally, the colour of the fake bag is a lot darker than the original. With the genuine bag being a lot more of a brighter white.

Step 5. The Paper

The next thing we'll look at is the paper which wraps around the shoes inside the box, generally to prevent the shoes from damage such as scuffs during transport.

Nevertheless, when comparing the two you should find that the paper used for the originals is really thin and transparent, you can see through it really easily.

However, for the fakes the paper appears to bemuch thicker to the touch as well as opaque, you can't see through it. Lastly, the texture is also completely different.

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Step 6. Check The Midsole Stitching

Next, we'll move onto the shoe itself, and firstly about what is called the midsole stitching at the front of the shoe.

Generally, this is a fairly easy assessment to make, as with an authentic pair you'll find that the stitches is of a much higher quality; with the stitches all the same length and all at the same distances apart.

Alternatively,a fake's stitches will be noticeably poor in quality. Where you'll generally see the stiches of different lengths, some really small, others much longer, often 4 or 5 times the length of the smaller snitches.

Also, the thread is much thicker and generally lower quality than the originals.

Real vs Fake: Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers (6)

Real vs Fake: Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers (7)

Step 7. The Midsole

Next, we'll talk about the midsole of the shoe. Generally, the midsole of the genuine pair will be much softer and rubbery when pressed between the fingers.

On the other hand, the fake midsole is much harder and almost feels like plastic. When in fact this is just a cheaper rubber material.

Step 8. Inspect The Sole

Next, we'll be flipping the shoe over to inspect thedifferences in the sole.

Most noticeably, the design and lettering of the logo on the sole are pressed in a lot more and therefore appears much deeper on the fakes. Again this is a subtle difference and one which you may not be able to identify without having a genuine shoe tocompare against. Although if you do, it becomes much more obvious.

Real vs Fake: Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers (8)

Step 9. Tongue Lettering

Another thing we can look for is the lettering on the front of the tongue.

With this, you'll find that the letting on the tongue of the fake is placed higher up and closer to the seam than agenuine pair. With the fake being around half an inch away, and the authentic showing a gap of an inch or more.

So, again it's a subtle difference, but it becomes much more apparent when comparing both side by side.

Real vs Fake: Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers (9)

Step 10. Inspect The Heel Tab

The Leather Finish

Looking to the back of the shoe, known as the heel tab. You'll find that the finish of the leather is of a really low quality.

For instance, you're likely to see the material loose colour and fray relatively quickly, in comparison to the genuine pair. For the simple reason that the material used is cheap and of low quality.

Real vs Fake: Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers (10)

Thickness Of The Heel Tab

Secondly, if you squeeze the heelin between both of your fingers you'll find that the authentic pair is slightly cushioned. However, the fake pair is overly padded and reallyspongy.

Real vs Fake: Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers (11)


So, there you have it. A side by side comparison of both a fake and genuine Alexander McQueen Oversized sneakers.

You should now feel more confident about how to tell the difference and what tell tale signs to look out for when trying to tell the difference between a fake pair and a genuine pair of Alexander McQueen's.

Nevertheless, if you still have doubts feel free to drop us an email, we'll be happy to help.

Real vs Fake: Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers (2024)


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