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1Look for small, cramped logos on the box or package.

2Check for logos that look spaced out and dull.

3Steer clear of poor quality, flimsy products.

4Spot a fake scarf with a logo that fades in sunlight.

5Beware of non-English characters on the tag.

6Watch out for small, low-quality dust bags.

7Spot fakes if they have dull or muddy colors.

8Look out for a picture of the shoe on the shoe box.

9Steer clear of uneven, untidy stitching on shoes.

10Watch out for an uncentered logo on shoes.

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Last Updated: April 19, 2024Fact Checked

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You’ve been trying to snag the new Alexander McQueen sneakers for ages and you’ve finally found a pair online. However, they seem just a little bit off—the logo looks muddy, the stitches look uneven, and the color isn’t very bright. Purchasing a fake Alexander McQueen product can be an expensive mistake, and it’s probably not how you’d like to spend your money. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can tell a fake product from a real one and avoid buying a counterfeit.


Look for small, cramped logos on the box or package.

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  1. Alexander McQueen products have their logo front and center on the box. Most fake Alexander McQueen products will have a box with the logo on the front, but the letters will be too close together and a little small. Real Alexander McQueen shoe boxes have a large logo with letters that are about 0.5in (1.3cm) apart.[1]

    • Most McQueen boxes are also matte in color, while fake ones might be a little shiny.
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  1. This is a surefire way to spot a fake. An authentic Alexander McQueen product will always look bright, shiny, and have the letters situated closely together.[2]

    • The logo can either be written like this: “Alexander McQueen” or like this: “Alexander MCQUEEN.” You’ll never see a logo written in all lower case letters.


Steer clear of poor quality, flimsy products.

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  1. All Alexander McQueen products are made of high-quality materials. If it’s solid and hard to press with your fingers, it’s probably real. If you can easily squish it with your hand, it’s most likely a fake.

    • This is especially true for leather products, like sneakers and handbags.
    • In fact, most Alexander McQueen sneakers are so tough that they need to be broken in for a few days until they feel comfortable.
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Spot a fake scarf with a logo that fades in sunlight.

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  1. The Alexander McQueen skull scarf is often faked by retailers. Hold the scarf up to the light and look for the logo on the scarf. If it stands out as a different color (usually black), then it’s probably a real scarf.[3]

    • This trick doesn’t work 100% of the time, but it’s a good jumping-off point if you’re having doubts.
    • Most logos look white in normal lighting and stand out as black in sunlight.


Beware of non-English characters on the tag.

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  1. All washing instructions and labels should be written in English. If there are any characters that aren’t, it’s most likely a fake product.[4]

    • If the product says “Made in China,” it’s also probably fake.
    • Most McQueen products are made in Italy, so they may have a “Made in Italy” tag. However, this is not true for every product.
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Watch out for small, low-quality dust bags.

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  1. Dust bags come with shoes and handbags to keep them clean in storage. A real Alexander McQueen dust bag will have a logo printed on it that’s slightly raised on the fabric. You can feel it by rubbing your hands over it gently. The material of the bag will be high-quality, and it will feel soft.[5]

    • A lot of fake Alexander McQueen dust bags will have the logo dyed into the fabric instead of printed on top in vinyl.


Spot fakes if they have dull or muddy colors.

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  1. Real Alexander McQueen products look bright and high-quality. If your product looks slightly dull, off-white, or yellowy, it’s probably a fake. This can be a little hard to tell from a photograph if you're shopping online, so it's best to check this part out in person.[6]

    • This is especially true for sneakers. If the color is supposed to be true white, make sure it’s not cream or off-white instead.
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Look out for a picture of the shoe on the shoe box.

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  1. Take a look at the outside of the shoe box. Real Alexander McQueen shoe boxes don’t include a photo of the shoe, just an outline of the silhouette. If there’s a sticker on the box that has a picture of the shoe inside, chances are, it’s fake.[7]

    • Some shoes won’t have a sticker on the outside of the box at all.
    • If the drawing of the shoe looks squished or blurry, it may be a fake.


Steer clear of uneven, untidy stitching on shoes.

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  1. This will let you know that you have a real pair. If the stitches look uneven, loose, or messy, the shoe is probably fake.[8]

    • Every stitch should be the exact same size and length apart.
    • Most stitching on Alexander McQueen shoes is white, but this can change based on which shoes you buy.
    How to Spot Fake Alexander McQueen (21)

    Dana Thomas, Veteran Fashion Journalist

    With high-end fashion, it's not just the label that makes something real — it's the work and story behind it. To tell if an Alexander McQueen is fake, you have to look past the surface. Check the stitching, feel the material, and make sure the logo looks just right. Real McQueen stuff shows off careful craftsmanship, where they obsess over every little detail. The point is that true luxury comes from top-notch quality and integrity of the product itself, not the name.

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Watch out for an uncentered logo on shoes.

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  1. All Alexander McQueen sneakers have a logo on the front. Most fake Alexander McQueen shoes will have a logo on the tongue, but they tend to be a lot higher up. Real Alexander McQueen shoes have a logo that’s in the center of the tongue on the front of the shoe.[9]

    • The color of the logo varies depending on which shoes you get, but real Alexander McQueen shoes will have a high-quality logo that doesn’t look faded or rubbed off.

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      • If you find a severely discounted product, there’s a higher chance that it’s fake.


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      • If you’re shopping online, ask for a receipt for authentication before you make a purchase.


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